Jenslaw Data Professional Ltd provides robust SAP support services. Should your organization be faced with technical challenges on SAP, Jenslaw is here to render that effective professional support that will enhance smooth running of your business.

In today’s landscape of interconnected on-premises enterprise servers, appliances, managed services and cloud-based applications, the customer needs for SAP support services are fragmenting just as fast as their IT environments are shifting. On one hand, new cloud-delivered applications include support, maintenance and enhancements built into a tidy monthly price, negating the need for a separate support contract.

Both large scale projects, such as building a factory, and small-scale projects, such as organizing a trade fair, require precise planning of the many detailed activities involved. Our project managers ensure that SAP projects are executed efficiently, on time, and within budget.

Projects are generally part of the internal processes of a company. To be able to control all tasks in project execution, we need your organizational form and chart that is specific to the SAP project and which is shared by all departments involved. Before we can carry out any SAP project in its entirety, your project goals must be precisely described and the project activities to be carried out must be structured.
A clear, unambiguous project structure is the basis for successful project planning, monitoring, and control in our SAP services.